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Soda Replacement Tip – What To Replace Soda With To Promote Weight Loss And Better Health

I’mReplace Soda Tip a fan of soda and soft drinks. However, anyone who has interest in their own health knows that drinking soda is not very healthy; especially in large amounts.  Nothing says this more clearly then if you are tracking your nutritional intake.

In the spirit of what Health Upward is all about, I can’t really justify cutting out soda and soft drinks completely.  Sometimes, I even splurge and my intake of soda goes up for several days.  I’m just not going to go hard-core when it comes to this.  I will monitor and cut back, but soda is going to happen.

I happened to be talking to someone I work with and I noticed that he had a fitness tracker on his wrist.  I pointed out how I just got a Jawbone and was loving it. We got into talking about how each of us was surprised to find out just how unhealthy things like soda and certain foods were.  Then he shared his awesome tip for replacing soda to cut down on his intake.

Soda Replacement Tip

Somehow this never had occurred to me before, but when my co-worker shared it with me, I got excited and couldn’t wait to start doing it myself.  The tip is simple.  Take club soda and add your favorite flavor of Mio.  Just to give you some perspective, I compared the nutritional facts for club soda with Mio, a regular soda, and a diet soda.

Club Soda And Mio Nutrition Information


Regular Soda and Diet Soda Nutrition Info


So, as you can see, while it may not be as healthy as replacing soda with water, it can server as a pretty good alternative.  And that is what we are shooting for; not perfect… just better.  There’s nothing wrong with striving for perfection, but it’s not for everyone.  Some of us need some flavor and bubbles to be happy.

As an added bonus, the cost of choosing club soda over regular soft drinks is nicer to your wallet.  So, healthier + saving money = works for me.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think; especially if you have given this a shot.